Marking and signposting


You can find the Lahn trail marking, showing a red LW on white ground, at every turning and junction as well as regularly on the straight. Every change of direction is indicated by arrows.

Ways to the Lahn trail

The routes to the Lahn trail are indicated by a red LW on yellow ground. This makes it easy to find parking places, railway stations, interesting spots, sights and back again to the trail.


Signposts at turnings and junctions along the Lahn trail show the distance to villages and sights nearby the path. The corresponding pictograms on the signposts give you an overview of the facilities at your destination, e.g. accommodations or stops of the public transport. The signposts of the main trail have a blue point and the sign, access signposts only have a yellow point.

Position signs

Every signpost has a position sign. It shows the name of the location as well as data about the sea level, GPS coordinates and the phone number of the local path management, where you can also vent claims.