The river Lahn and its meadows have a special meaning for man and nature:

The river offers a living space for a lot of endangered species. The plants along the bank offer food and hide for insects and small animals throughout the year.

Grabs of several running water dragonflies, e.g. the magnificent blue dragon fly and the feather dragon fly live within the water plants. A multitude of fishes, insect grabs and amphibians live in the water.

Birds like the bank skater (Flussuferläufer) find food on flat sand and gravel banks and the steep face offer ideal possibilities to nest to the kingfisher.

Penduline tits nest within the willow trees along the bank; reed buntings, warblers and nightingales find suitable breeding places in the reeds. The meadows with the extensive and partly wet fields are important food and nesting territories for animals like grey heron, lapwing, yellow, wagtail or brown breast. Especially during their breeding season and young breed birds are very sensitive to disturbance, the clutch of eggs get cold and sometimes they give up breeding.

The Lahn meadows with its extensive fields are an important flood area. The water can spread without any great harm. The water flows away slowly and groundwater is obtained by percolation.

To maintain the Lahn and its meadows in 1993 the association „Auenverbund Lahn-Ohm“ and in 1996 the „Auenverbund Lahn-Dill“ identified as being a nature reserve. Important heartlands of the Lahn meadow became a nature reserve. In order to maintain the living space Lahn for man and nature, everybody who is seeking for freetime and relaxation is asked to help to keep the meadow.

Freetime and relaxation along rivers close to nature is a special experience. Please help to keep the river Lahn as being a living space.