Practical tips

Details of every place to get into a boat or to rest can be found in the category Lahnabschnitte in the single map sections. Please consider that starting and finishing a boat tour is only possible at a place, where you can get in or out the board. Rest places have no approach by car. You will find a detailed summary of all regulations in the  Merkblatt für Wassersportler auf der Bundeswasserstraße Lahn.


There are 23 locks on the river Lahn, which are all operated differently. In the section from Gießen to Steeden there are 11 locks. These locks must be operated by the user himself. On the fully developed section from Steeden (Lahn-km 70) to Lahnstein there are 12 locks. These are operated by staff.
Scheduled passenger ships and other „big“ vehicles have priority over sport boats.
You can find the operating hours of the locks from Limburg to Lahnstein here.
The Lahn is closed on high tide. You can find the latest water level gauge here.

Water level gauge phone


Phone: 06473 19429
(Badenburg km -11 to Steeden km 70)
Latest water level gauge


Phone: 06439 19429
(km 70 to its mouth into the Rhine)
Latest water level gauge

The maximum water level gauge for Leun and Kalkofen (HSW) is 360 cm.