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The university city Gießen offers unique science museums such as Mathematikum or the original laboratory of Justus Liebig. You can find a botanic garden (Botanischer Garten), cultivated in 1609 in the heart of the city. The municipal theatre, built in 1907, is always worth a visit. You can enjoy drama performances as well as dance and music theatre there. The art gallery Gießen, Gießen‘s art track and several galleries show contemporary art.


Tourist-Information Gießen
Tel. +49 (0)641 3061890

  • Mathematikum, the first mathematical museum in the world you can join
  • Liebig-museum, original laboratory of the world-famous chemist Justus Liebig
  • Upper hesse museum, a rich collection of three historic buildings
  • Botanic garden, a green  jewel and place of silence in the city
  • Monastery Schiffenberg, a traditional, popular destination in the country