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Gleiberger land

The castles Vetzberg and Gleiberg are the two symbols of the Gleiberger land, built on steep volcanic cones. The 500 m tall Dünsberg towers above all and opens a marvellous view from its lookout tower over lovely villages up to the university city Gießen and to the old free city Wetzlar.


Touristik-Kooperation Gleiberger Land
Tel. +49 (0)641 93901763

  • Water sports, wakeboarding, water skiing and surfing at the Heuchelheimer See
  • Native museums
  • Gail'scher Park, Biebertal - Rodheim-Bieber
  • Golden-Oldies-festival, with music, flea market and oldtimer-exhibition of the 50s and 60s
  • Wood + technic museum, Wettenberg-Wißmar
  • Celtic gate and Celtic farm at the Dünsberg‘s foot